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With leases in the building all expiring at the same time, The Portman Estate believes that Garfield House presents a unique opportunity to introduce a new high-quality building that meets the highest standards of sustainability.

We are also looking to use part of the existing Stourcliffe Close garage site to deliver a flexible space ‘The Triangle’ in the heart of the site which can accommodate a mix of uses. This would be single storey and accessed through Edgware Road frontage.

Following our first stage of consultation, we have taken the time to review the feedback received and have
developed more detailed plans. These include:

Introducing sustainable, forward looking, modern, high-quality office accommodation contributing to the economic success of Edgware Road

Targeting the highest sustainability standards in BREEAM and WELL ratings with Net Zero operational carbon usage

Enhancing local biodiversity and air quality by incorporating green spaces into the designs, wherever possible

Introducing new, continuous, active ground floor frontages on Edgware Road, that design-out crime and anti-social behaviour

Delivering a building that contributes positively to the Edgware Road’s ongoing regeneration, whilst retaining the area’s unique identity

Local area

These will contribute more widely to the regeneration of the area and ensure a neighbourly development process with leading sustainability credentials.

We are committed to working with the local community to understand your views and ideas for the future of the site which will help us to develop our plans and ensure that the future of Garfield House responds to local needs and contributes to the regeneration of the wider area.

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