Garfield house today

Garfield House is a commercial building situated on the east side of Edgware Road with continuous retail at ground floor level and office accommodation at the upper levels.

The proposed redevelopment site also comprises Bernard House, which is located on the corner of Edgware Road and George Street and has retail at ground floor and market let residential accommodation at the upper levels.

The third part of the proposed development site is the existing Stourcliffe Garage to the rear of Garfield House, which is at lower ground floor level. It is currently occupied by a limousine hire company and is accessible from Forset Street and from two vehicle ramps on Stourcliffe Street. The rear of the site also sits adjacent to residential properties in the Stourcliffe Close apartment building and 139-147 George Street, George Street Mansions.

Garfield House has a number of issues that mean it no longer meets the standards expected of modern commercial tenants. These include:

An outdated design

Poor energy efficiency and sustainability credentials

Under-utilisation of space

Lack of urban greening

Inefficient office and retail accommodation

An inactive environment with no natural surveillance, which contributes to antisocial behaviour on Forset Street

On-street and uncoordinated servicing arrangements

Edgware Road is a vibrant road, immediately to the north of Marble Arch. It is popular among both Londoners and tourists offering a wide range of shops and places for people to eat and have a drink.

It is also a hard urban landscape with limited green space or places to pause and relax.

The road is also characterised by a significant amount of traffic, as a through-route which doesn’t attract the congestion charge.

Our vision

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